Sunday, February 10, 2013

Its ah, its a... PUPPY!

On February 21st, we will be bringing home our new Golden Retriever puppy, Ellie. Isn't she a cutie?

 On February 1st, Daddy surprised the four little-ones with the annoucemant that we are going to go pick out our very own, genuine Golden Retriever puppy! 

Liana has aways wanted a dog, (a golden retriever dog to be specific) her whole entire life. But now, after many years of patience and prayer, Mommy and Daddy felt that the time has come.

Liana's reaction... priceless.

Driving to the liter of puppies to pick one. 

The litter and mama dog feeding her babies. (Ellie is the one standing off to the side.)

Mama dog (left) Papa dog (right)

Meeting the whole brood.

"This is our little Ellie, with the furry belly."
  quote from ~Daddy


 We are all so thankful! Praise be to God!


The Armour Family said...

Too cute! I'm so happry for y'all! Liana looks so delighted. :) What a little sweetie!

Holly Doss said...

So Sweet!! The Puppy is adorable!!