Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We're so excited that spring is here that we wet our PLANTS!

We are going to be keeping track of our garden progress... in pictures! So... once every single week on Monday morning, I (Caley) will take pictures of the garden. That way we can blog about it!
Lord willing, we will be posting a week by week update on our garden, weekly!
Lettuce start from the beginning, building the garden. Week one. :)

Thank you Daddy so much for helping us build the garden! We could not have ever done it without you. I love you Daddy!

Cutting the wood to size.


This is the only picture of me while gardening, sadly. Oh well! I get to be the photographer too! :)

Done and ready for planting!

I love our little backyard homestead!

A sneak peak to the next post. Stay tuned!

*Picture credit to Caley Lemay*

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